1. What is the purpose of this dialogue? - The purpose of the dialogue is to generate ideas on how to reduce reporting burdens and compliance costs associated with Federal awards.
  2. Who can participate? Participation is open to anyone interested.
  3. What topics will be addressed? The topics to be covered include (1) reducing reporting compliance burden on Federal contractors, grantees, and subawardees; (2) procurement processes, practices, and reporting specific to contracts; and (3) grants processes, practices, and reporting.
  4. Are there specific issues that you would like participants to address within these broad topical areas? We have developed a set of tags that participants can select from when posting ideas so they can be sorted and reviewed according to the primary area of impact. Tags include: reporting burden, increases costs, administrative burden, duplicate reporting, frequency of reporting, reporting processes, concerning regulations or guidelines, audit, non-standardized processes, and central reporting portal.
  5. What will you do with this information? The suggestions and ideas provided through the dialogue will be reviewed as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Federal procurement and grants processes and practices. The dialogue will not take the place of the outreach that occurs as part of policy development, such as that associated with rulemaking. However, by reaching a wider audience, we will have a broadened range of perspectives that can help better identify opportunities for improvement and jump start improvement efforts.
  6. My company would like to provide comments in person rather than through the dialogue. With whom should we work to make this happen? Consistent with Federal policies and procedures and to allow maximum insight and transparency, all conversations on this dialogue will take place publicly through www.cxo.dialogue.cao.gov. All users are encouraged to review, comment, and share information with each other through the site so the most impactful suggestions can be identified.
  7. How do I make comments? Information on how participate in this dialogue can be found at http://support.ideascale.com/customer/portal/articles/1521462-participation-faq.
  8. Will the dialogue include conversations with federal officials? No. The purpose of the dialogue is to generate ideas, suggestions, and conversation among a wide range of participants so the most impactful suggestions can be identified. Appointed Federal officials will serve as moderators and may ask clarifying questions as appropriate.
  9. I posted a comment and it is now removed from the site, where did it go? Consistent with the terms of usage and moderation guidelines you accepted when registering for the site, certain comments and/or postings could be moved to an "off topic" area or removed if some of the terms of participation were violated.  The terms are available at https://cxo.dialogue2.cao.gov/a/pages/how-to-participate.